Baby hats

Baby hats are the one of the best gift for a baby

Baby Heidi CapThis gorgeous and adorable baby and infant hats will add a touch of sweetness to your baby. Today you can find trendy and comfortable designer baby hats made of high quality materials. Regardless of the season or occasion, you can have the perfect baby hat for your infant, newborn or toddler for spring, summer, fall and winter months. You'll want a broad brimmed hat for a summer, or a soft, warm hat that covers the ears for a winter baby.

baby hatsYou know you've found the perfect winter baby hat when you plan the rest of your child's winter wardrobe around it. When the weather turns cold hats are a good way of helping to keep baby head warm. The problem with hats for toddlers is persuading them to wear them and keep them on. Some cute animal character hat designs are included here which might help to make the idea of hat wearing more popular with the little ones. Making your child well protected in the cold is very important, especially if you are playing outside for an extended time. Babies need soft fabrics that will not irritate the skin so some of the hats here are in soft cotton fabric. There is a range of  baby winter hats in soft organic cotton. Also the size of hats for toddlers and babies is very important, the sizes here cover ranges from tiny premature baby sizes, upwards.

Pink Cable Knit HatSome children seem to like wearing hats and other toddlers seem to hate them, coming to the rescue is the idea of buying them a hat that they will want to wear because of the novelty of looking like the character the hat represents. If that works – then you only have to find a way of getting them to keep their shoes on and to wear gloves. For young babies it is important that hats are made in soft materials and cotton is a soft and gentle fabric to put next to the skin. The hats here come in a wide range of colors and more importantly they are available in extra small sizes for tiny babies too. It is traditional to dress young babies in white or pastel colors but sometimes it is nice to have a choice of hats to go with different outfits.

There are a few things you have to keep in mind when choosing a baby winter hat

all boy and organic baby hatsAs we all know babies ears get cold quickly in the winter air. First, try to get baby winter hats that cover your child's entire head and both ears. The ear flaps ensure that those little body parts are covered as they are supposed to. Some baby hats have ear flaps that fold up and down. This is helpful if you are in and out of the car or home a lot. If the baby is in a room which has an exit that is used often, make sure your child wears a hat , just to have babies' ears covered. I personally like to get a hat that has chin strap closure. The reason is, because it is hard for the child to pull the hat off his or her head. Chin straps snap, tie, or use fastening tape-closures under the chin to keep the hat in place.

Hot Pink Winter Wonderland HatAlways take your child shopping with you when buying a hat, since hats must fit. Every hat looks different on every child. Baby winter hats come in all colors and styles. If your toddlers are hat-fussy, letting them choose the hat themselves might be the key to keeping one on their head. Make sure the fabric is insulated and is water resistant. Some winter baby hats have waterproof exteriors and are perfect for those toddlers that are snow bunnies. 

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